FileZilla Pro App Reviews

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I suggest you make it clear that this app is for people who already know how to configure and use an FTP utility. As a Mac user of 20-odd years and an ftp user of about the same amount of time I find your interface as quick, easy and useful as a lithuanian phonebook left out in the rain for several weeks. I think you should definitely refund my $12!

Frustrating lack of online help

For a novice like me trying to set up a website the online assistance is mostly useless. The learning curve is taking hours — the tutorial Wiki doesn’t match this app. It has taken me hours to get my website up and running. Once I got it figured out, though, it’s easy to update the website.

Works for me!

I like the drag-and-drop interface to easily manage web files. Because FileZilla has no learning curve, it’s always been my favorite FTP application.

Great app, does its job

This is a solid app, stable and updated often to support many protocols for file transfers. From good-old FTP to its secure brother SFTP to modern cloud-based object storage S3-compatible to cutting edge Storj. Can’t live without it to manage my data replication and various websites.

Way out of date app

I don’t think this app is being updated, tons of bugs and issues. For the price it’s way under developed, I got it to replace fireftp and it’s a real pain to use, for one there is a huge issue with key files, I have to browse to it and select every time I connect to a site because it keeps saying it can’t find it. Transfering is a pis as well, there are no buttons, pretty much have to drag and drop. It just takes way more time to use and is very frustrating.

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