FileZilla Pro App Reviews

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Disspointing DropBox Functionality

Have been using the free version for some time, its great. Saw that the pro versin had DropBox functionality, so decidded to pay for it. unfortunatly it does not work the way i was hoping for, in that I wanted to be able to transfer files from my DropBox to multiple FTP’s. As other reviews note, there is no support or customer service. Promising app, disspointing functionality.

Unable to connect to server

I had a lot of problems trying to access my server with a ssh key and passphrase to the key. I finally get it working, then after buying Filezilla pro I discover I can’t use ssh keys that have passphrases. I love the extra security a passphrase provides, so I’m not removing the passphrase just to connect to my server via FileZilla. Fix this and you’ll have a great app.

Worth $18 Alone for AWS S3 Support

It’s obviously a little frustrating to go from the free-version to the pro-version and find the pro-version missing some arguably crucial features (key file support for instance, which I understand is a pending feature), but being able to SFTP into an AWS S3 bucket is pretty awesome. I think a lot of this client’s features are simply hidden and that a major fix/upgrade would be having FileZilla Pro-specific docs (and if they exist, consider linking them to the “FileZilla Pro Support” link in the App Store page).

Almost perfect for my uses

I got this app to replace my beloved Fire FTP (RIP). Very simple learning curve (I think it took all of 15 minutes to figure it out without reading any directions) and thus far it seems very stable. That’s saying something becasue I’m an old guy, and rather dim. I leave it open all day, while I’m working in various apps (almost everything in Adobe CC amd much of MS Office), and it has caused no problems or conflicts. A coupleof simple features would make it perfect for what I do. 1 - The ability to control-click on any uploaded page/object and see (or have copied) the actual web address (the http address) of the page, image or whatever. Currently it only gives the more convoluted ftp address protocol. Having that ability would greatly simplify my workflow. AND/OR 2 - The ability to control-click on any uploaded page/object and see it in the browser of my choice. The current view/edit function in the control-click menu doesn’t do that. Other than that, I think that it’s $17.99 well spent. Good job FileZilla Pro Team!

Most Reliable Client

I own all of the major FTP clients for Mac, and from my experience, FileZilla is the most reliable. Not the most beautiful though.

Missing custom s3 endpoints

Great app, but missing s3 custom endpoints. For example, we have an internal Ceph storage solution which provides an S3 api at our own internal non-amazon endpoint. If I could use it for that, it would be tremendously usefull to me and the rest of the devs at my company.

Awesome and Comprehensive FTP Solution

FileZilla pro is a great all-in-one FTP product. I have used FileZilla in the past and Pro’s S3 integration has really brought the product to the next level. Pro is quick, fairly simple to use, and super reliable. FileZilla is a frills-free FTP that is my website management one stop shop. Highly recommend.

Great Application! And app store available! YES!

Bought just to say thanks to dev who has had Filezilla as open source for years. Love it. This version adds some functionality that I probably won’t use, but needed to buy it just to really show some love to an app that has saved my butt literally many hundreds of times. THANK YOU!!!


I suggest you make it clear that this app is for people who already know how to configure and use an FTP utility. As a Mac user of 20-odd years and an ftp user of about the same amount of time I find your interface as quick, easy and useful as a lithuanian phonebook left out in the rain for several weeks. I think you should definitely refund my $12!

Frustrating lack of online help

For a novice like me trying to set up a website the online assistance is mostly useless. The learning curve is taking hours — the tutorial Wiki doesn’t match this app. It has taken me hours to get my website up and running. Once I got it figured out, though, it’s easy to update the website.

Works for me!

I like the drag-and-drop interface to easily manage web files. Because FileZilla has no learning curve, it’s always been my favorite FTP application.

Great app, does its job

This is a solid app, stable and updated often to support many protocols for file transfers. From good-old FTP to its secure brother SFTP to modern cloud-based object storage S3-compatible to cutting edge Storj. Can’t live without it to manage my data replication and various websites.

Way out of date app

I don’t think this app is being updated, tons of bugs and issues. For the price it’s way under developed, I got it to replace fireftp and it’s a real pain to use, for one there is a huge issue with key files, I have to browse to it and select every time I connect to a site because it keeps saying it can’t find it. Transfering is a pis as well, there are no buttons, pretty much have to drag and drop. It just takes way more time to use and is very frustrating.

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